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Class Descriptions
All classes are 1 hour long, unless otherwise noted. If you have a doubt about where you would best fit in, please inquire.
This four-week course starts new students off on the right foot, debunking myths about yoga while acquainting them with life-enhancing yoga principles and practices that withstand the test of time. Students will experience why yoga thrives as the most appreciated ancient healing system in modern times.
A class designed to challenge and energize young and slightly older adults who are already healthy and fit. We welcome those who wish to explore yoga’s more physical side, as we utilize more classical, difficult postures and sequences.
A single class offered once monthly to welcome newcomers. Learn about the purpose and practices of yoga, meet like-minded, interesting people, talk to practitioners who have benefited from yoga, and do a brief practice.
A class designed to alleviate physical and mental stress through implementing the more meditative tools of breathing and visualization. We welcome those with all levels of experience who wish to cultivate mental ease and stability to bring into everyday life.

Greet the day with a new-found source of inner energy awakened from a combination of postures, breathing, and meditative practices.


A class designed to rejuvenate and inspire a new sense of inner potential. We welcome those whose aim is to discover untapped physical and mental potentials. This class helps to both pacify an overworked system while making room for a new and improved sense of well-being.

Introduces practices which support mothers-to-be through all stages and the physical, mental, and emotional changes of pregnancy.

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