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Yoga Foundation sends our teachers into underserved communities which have no access to yoga. We share yoga's tools, including postures, breathing, and meditation - teaching practices to relax the minds, brighten the spirits, and empower the lives of our Brooklyn neighbors. This program is known as Smita, a Sanskrit word meaning Smile.

Please choose the Program that resonates best with you, and donate - we are unable to do it without you. While we are not an official 501(c)3, we act on behalf of our community from a place of public service, and we guarantee that your funds go directly towards implementing and sustaining the yoga program of your choice, by paying our teachers and administering the programs.

Kids Yoga Classes (8-10 year olds)
at The Salvation Army's Bushwick Family Residence* [map]

Yoga Foundation Kid's Program aims to support children in their role as students and in the changes and challenges they encounter in becoming young adults. Traditionally yoga was begun in adolescence to encourage and develop increased mental focus, self confidence, physical vitality, and inner strength, creating a stable foundation from which to mature and blossom.

How do yoga's tools work to support this development?

45 minute classes are offered each week over a 6-12 week period. The learning is cumulative, so students are asked to commit to the entire series.

At this age, asana-s, or postures are the primary tools used to engage young bodies and sharpen young minds. Through combining dynamic sequences of step-by-step posture progressions, kids learn to pay attention and cultivate fit, flexible, healthy bodies. Visualization, breathing, and positive affirmations are other tools we use to help children relax and create a positive internal environment. We also draw the sequences completed in class, using simple stick figures, encourages students to wake up their creativity and providing a reference from which they can practice outside of class. Students are also instructed in how to incorporate the practical and compassionate philosophies of yoga into their often tumultuous daily life. Fundamentally, yoga is about children's self-empowerment, and over time they become teachers in class, leading sequences and directing others. These exercises challenge them to work well together, increasing self-awareness and respect for themselves and their peers.

*The Salvation Army's Bushwick Family Residence offers transitional housing services, without discrimination, to homeless families, and provide services that support their integration back into the community and into their own homes. The shelter is located in the urban neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. The community is predominantly an African American population of low socio-economic standing.The family composition is typically a single parent female-headed African American household with the average of two children. They range from the ages of 18 to 50 years old. The client population comes to the shelter with presenting problems of homelessness, substance misuse, mental health issues, legal problems, relational conflicts and unemployment.

Bushwick Family Residence provides homeless families with lodging, educational, health care, counseling and vocational services for extended periods. The shelter offers strategic programming specifically geared to meet the many combined circumstances that perpetuate homelessness and struggle in families. Program assistance includes individual casework and education to address substance abuse issues, life and career skills enhancement, parenting skills and education.

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